PHOTO: Ex-Italy Star Continues to Troll Real Madrid Boss Over Infamous 2006 World Cup Final Moment

A photo taken 09 July 2006 of French mid

Who remember this day?

For all of his world class ability as a footballer, one of the overriding memories of Zinedine Zidane, for many, will be his infamous 2006 World Cup final moment.

the sport’s most iconic events.

Never one to shy away from controversy, Materazzi took to his official Instagram account to stoke the fires over the occurrence. Pay particular attention to the framed picture in the image:

Yep, that’s Materazzi clearly mocking the now Real Madrid boss over Italy being crowned champions in what was supposed to be Zidane’s swansong, playing career wise anyway.

Football fans have continuously speculated over what Materazzi actually said to Zidane to incite such a reaction from the former Juventus superstar, with the ex-Inter Milan and Everton defender revealing that he had insulted Zidane’s sister and not, as it is claimed, his mother.

Materazzi recently said: “My words were stupid but did not deserve that reaction. I talked about his sister not his mother, like I have read in some newspapers. My mother died while I was a teenager, I would never insult his.”

Still, Zidane seems to be doing alright for himself lately eh? Winning the Champions League, sitting top of La Liga and setting a new unbeaten club record are not achievements to be sniffed at…


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